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Breaking Boundries Removing Senses

I’m fairly elated as I write this article. I’m not sure how this will progress, but I think I finally am convinced to jump into trying new things. I’ve always had a fear of change. Even the smallest change like getting a new coat. I also get rather bored with routine. As you can imagine, trapped in between my fear and boredom, I find some strange thingsensory 2s to occupy my time. As long as they’re not frightening to me. Recently, I’ve been hearing about a lot of interesting health trends. Things like cupping and oil pulling. I’m sure that many people have heard these terms floating around, but they just sound like some heebeejeeby holistic stuff. Well one day, I set off down a pathway from my boredom and towards my fear, and it  started with one of these deemed “heebeejeeby holistic stuff”.


I’m sure that you’ve already deducted that I was tired of mundanity caused by fear. It was time to do something about it. What peaked my enthusiasm and interest for this particular project  was the sensory deprivation tank. It sounded way more fearful to me than the likes of acupuncture, and cupping. Sitting in a tank with nothing for an hour. And by nothing I mean so feeling, no sound, no smell, no sight (which I’m sure that you got from the name). You’re not just facing your mind, you’re having it hit you like a teacher in the 60’s if you were talking in class. Really hard.

I booked an appointment at a really nice place I found. It seemed quaint and open. People liked to do all sorts of interesting rituals sometimes involving psychedelics or interesting tantric meditation sessions, or both at the same time. The point was, that this was an open space, which was perfect for making me feel comfortable with myself and my shenanigans.


The day I got there was overcast and still. It seemed like the nature created an ambiance for me and my healing session. I got there and the owner greeted me warmly with a robe and some amazonian tea. I went into the shower and scrubbed my hair with the nice tea tree oil shampoo that they provided. I remember having a thought that the tingly feeling would be one of the last things that I felt for a while. So what makes you be able to feel nothing is that the water is at the temperature of your skin. It’s salt content is heavier than your body so you float. Otherwise everything else is black and quiet.


I was calm and freaking out at the same time. At first I became aware of every thought and sound that I heard from my body and the water. It was very overwhelming almost as if I was standing in a crown full of people and hearing everything that everyone was saying and doing. Eventually, I got used to it and my mind quieted down and went to some really strange places. I don’t think I got so much healing done, I’m not even sure if I was conscious the whole time, but the experience was one of the most incredible that I’ve had.

I hope I’ve inspired you to break routine and dive into fear.

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