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The Burden Of Children

41qjfvyohULShould parents be notified by school officials regarding incidents of bullying? Should the circumstances be revealed? Should the parents and officials work together? Can they?

Legislation is now being drawn up in certain states, in order to make sure that schools are in communication with parents about possible incidents of bullying. There are issues here which are highly sensitive, and sometimes police, schools, and parents need to be extra careful. If the wrong thing happens, it could cost someone with their lives.

There was a boy, 12-years-old, who had killed himself with his father’s shotgun. In his note, he wrote that he can’t live with the bullying. He is not alone. So many bullies, everywhere, and things are getting so much worse with social media. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to grow up in this age of social media. It must be insane. Actually insane, or rather it would for me. I can barely handle it as an adult, let alone someone who is going through some of the most awkward natural changes humans go through.

And people are also quick to blame the schools and officials. What about the parents? What about the bullies’ parents? Do they have nothing to do with this? The 12-year-old was also bullied on social media. Why didn’t the parents know about this? Why didn’t they dig a bit deeper? These are all legitimate questions, and they may not have the answers we’d expect. Eventually, it comes down to the parents of both sides. Not the school. The schools do what they can, I think. In some cases, their hands may be tied. It should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, I feel. Or else, we take res03kind600ponsibility and accountability off of the parents’ shoulders. And that is not okay, either. The school is there to educate the kid on certain things. The parents are there to raise the kid from birth and protect him.

There are no absolutes here, and this is precisely why I am saying that there should be no particular blame placed. The parents of the 12-year-old are suing the school. Time will tell on whether or not this will yield any changes. I can’t see this having so much of an effect, but I am open to seeing how it all turns out. The boy is gone, and his parents are living a nightmare, but maybe others can be saved from a similar fate.

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