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Psychologists and Teen Mom

I think it’s vital for psychologists or counselors to videotape their sessions only during their training. While I think many psychologists will agree that the method is effective in terms of allowing you to grow as a psychologist by analyzing your sessions, I think that it should not be allowed in the real world unless you have the patients consent. The reason for this is bad parents1that it may affect the privacy of your sessions as well as your reputation as a psychologist. If your patients don’t trust you, there’s a good chance that they’ll stop using your services. I’ve tried the technique before with a patient who was suffering from serious depression and used my recordings to show them how much they improved over the course of our meetings. So there’s no doubt that the technique can work, just be sure you’re able to keep those recording safe as they’ll contain a person’s most intimate and private thoughts, feelings and confessions – something no one would want to have made public. When it comes to the Teen Mom show, I think that detailing the kind of issues that young parents tend to go through when it comes to teen pregnancies really helps others who might be experiencing similar issues and allow them to come to terms with their situation.

I think show also subtly helps to remind young people that falling pregnant is a serious thing and should never be taken lightly. It might help them avoid the situation altogether, or at least prepare them for what’s in store if it does happen to them. I think Teen Mom stands apart from other shows in this genre in that it helps to bring parents and children together and focuses on strengthening family bonds during and after a pregnancy, emphasizing the fact that when your child becomes a parent, everyone in the immediate family sort of becomes a surrogate parent as well – it rarely only affects the young couple. I like the idea that Teen Mom tries to enforce the idea that you can’t do this alone and that bad parentsfinding support is the most important thing you can do for both yourselves as young parents and your newborn child.

I actually think that this is relevant not only for teen parents  but for any parents. It’s a daunting task bringing a new child home and we can’t guarantee that we know everything that we have to do. When it comes to getting help from your parents the hope is that they’ve done a pretty good job raising you and so at least have some sort of idea of what it is that you’re getting yourself into. Getting help from them can be a great way to ease you into the parenting process no matter how old you are. It does help if you get along with your parents though otherwise the whole situation can cause more drama than it’s worth.

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Negative Medical Effects of Caffeine

There has been a lot of back and forth regarding caffeine. While no one disputes there are some major benefits to this drug (yes, it is a drug), there are also some cases where it coffee heartwould be to the detriment of those who use it. Caffeine is regarded as safe for most adults, when consumed appropriately.

However, this does not mean you don’t run the risk of some negative side-effects, in the long and short term. The key to any drug use is moderation and risk-awareness. Here are some of the classic side effects of caffeine.

Negative short term effects:

  •  It increases the secretion of adrenaline, which could cause arrhythmia
  •  It causes blood pressure to rise
  •  Stomach pains
  •  Faster heart rate
  •  Lethargy and tiredness on the come-down.

Negative long term effects:

  •  Hand tremors
  •  Insomnia
  •  Addiction
  •  Dependency
  •  Panic attacks / anxiety
  •  Worsening osteoporosis
  •  Worsening gastro-related conditions

Overdose: when a large amount of caffeine is consumed, it could lead to an overdose. The symptoms are nausea, vomiting, confusion, panic, and in some cases it could lead to seizures. This has been the case with people who consumed energy drinks in excess, and it is even worse when combining caffeine with alcohol and other drugs. If there is a suspicion of caffeine poisoning, call an ambulance. It’s kind of hard to overdose, but with energy drinks and caffeine pills it is definitely possible. It also makes the consumption of caffeinated drinks a lot easier than it used to be. Caffeine pills have been used to treat migraines.

Addiction: it is the most addictive drug in the world today, just beating out nicotine. You can have a physical addiction to caffeine. That is when you get a headache when you don’t have your morning coffee. This is literally a physical addiction. If you find it difficult to function while at work or to concentrate on something without coffee it may be another sign of an addiction to the stimulant. Not being able to function without a stimulant is an issue. It shows a dependency upon a drug. Any dependency is unhealthy, what would happen if you can’t get caffeine? You just won’t function 2

Dangerous when mixed with alcohol: Some alcohol come premixed with caffeine. One example is fourloko. They eventually became illegal because it was so dangerous. Mixing uppers and downers is never a good idea. People would blackout but not pass out, so people would be blacked out and have a lot of energy. Vodka red bull is also a very popular beverage that is also very dangerous. Which is especially bad that it is such a common beverage at night clubs. With people dancing around in a hot environment consuming a lot of alcohol and caffeine at the same time is not a healthy idea.

Remember that the effects of caffeine – be they positive or negative – differ from one person to the next. It has a lot to do with previous experience with the drug, genetics, age, lifestyle, medication, and other factors. Drink responsibly!

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The Bank

Open Bank Vault Door

Moving to another country is exciting, but figuring out the ins and outs of the new bureaucracy is not! On my first full day in Israel, I went with some friends to open up new bank accounts. We had two banks we were deciding between, and we decided that which ever we hit first would be our bank of choice. We were living in a far-away section of Jerusalem, so we decided to go to the branch in the center of town to open our accounts. After all, we heard that your specific branch is where all important things had to be done, and we knew that we’d eventually move from the far-away area and want a more convenient location. So, we trekked into town, ready to take on the world. another language, another system, no worries- we were prepared!

We got to the bank and told them proudly that we were there to set up our new accounts. Well, no can do was the reply that we got. Why, exactly? Good question. Apparently, you need to open up your account in the branch closest to you. No mind where you actually want it to be, we soon learned that this was the rule. Frustrated and disappointed, we were forced to head all the way back to our area to set up our accounts. Now, the banks sometimes close for a few hours in the middle of the day, but luckily ours was open when we got there. The four of use waited together, and at the same time we were each called to a different bank teller. I explained to mine that I wanted to open up a new account. I spoke all in Hebrew, as I do speak the language and didn’t know her level of English. She soon picked up her office phone and started talking to the teller next to us, explaining how annoying it is to set up accounts for new immigrants. I let her speak for a few minutes and then eventually said to her “You do know that I bank1understand you, right?” She responded that she wasn’t talking about me, which was an absolute blatant lie. She continued to speak. She then refused to take my money to put in my new account, instead demanding that I go to another teller. When I did, I tried giving him by bank account number but he insisted that he already knew it. this continued for a few minutes until I had no choice but to acquiesce and give him my money. And lo and behold, when he gave me my receipt, he had put my money in someone else’s account! Thank G-d that I checked, because that would have been so so bad. This doesn’t happen in America! When the four of us got done, we compared notes. Each one of us had gotten different information about our accounts, making for a lively conversation on the way home.

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The Burden Of Children

41qjfvyohULShould parents be notified by school officials regarding incidents of bullying? Should the circumstances be revealed? Should the parents and officials work together? Can they?

Legislation is now being drawn up in certain states, in order to make sure that schools are in communication with parents about possible incidents of bullying. There are issues here which are highly sensitive, and sometimes police, schools, and parents need to be extra careful. If the wrong thing happens, it could cost someone with their lives.

There was a boy, 12-years-old, who had killed himself with his father’s shotgun. In his note, he wrote that he can’t live with the bullying. He is not alone. So many bullies, everywhere, and things are getting so much worse with social media. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to grow up in this age of social media. It must be insane. Actually insane, or rather it would for me. I can barely handle it as an adult, let alone someone who is going through some of the most awkward natural changes humans go through.

And people are also quick to blame the schools and officials. What about the parents? What about the bullies’ parents? Do they have nothing to do with this? The 12-year-old was also bullied on social media. Why didn’t the parents know about this? Why didn’t they dig a bit deeper? These are all legitimate questions, and they may not have the answers we’d expect. Eventually, it comes down to the parents of both sides. Not the school. The schools do what they can, I think. In some cases, their hands may be tied. It should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, I feel. Or else, we take res03kind600ponsibility and accountability off of the parents’ shoulders. And that is not okay, either. The school is there to educate the kid on certain things. The parents are there to raise the kid from birth and protect him.

There are no absolutes here, and this is precisely why I am saying that there should be no particular blame placed. The parents of the 12-year-old are suing the school. Time will tell on whether or not this will yield any changes. I can’t see this having so much of an effect, but I am open to seeing how it all turns out. The boy is gone, and his parents are living a nightmare, but maybe others can be saved from a similar fate.

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Breaking Boundries Removing Senses

I’m fairly elated as I write this article. I’m not sure how this will progress, but I think I finally am convinced to jump into trying new things. I’ve always had a fear of change. Even the smallest change like getting a new coat. I also get rather bored with routine. As you can imagine, trapped in between my fear and boredom, I find some strange thingsensory 2s to occupy my time. As long as they’re not frightening to me. Recently, I’ve been hearing about a lot of interesting health trends. Things like cupping and oil pulling. I’m sure that many people have heard these terms floating around, but they just sound like some heebeejeeby holistic stuff. Well one day, I set off down a pathway from my boredom and towards my fear, and it  started with one of these deemed “heebeejeeby holistic stuff”.


I’m sure that you’ve already deducted that I was tired of mundanity caused by fear. It was time to do something about it. What peaked my enthusiasm and interest for this particular project  was the sensory deprivation tank. It sounded way more fearful to me than the likes of acupuncture, and cupping. Sitting in a tank with nothing for an hour. And by nothing I mean so feeling, no sound, no smell, no sight (which I’m sure that you got from the name). You’re not just facing your mind, you’re having it hit you like a teacher in the 60’s if you were talking in class. Really hard.

I booked an appointment at a really nice place I found. It seemed quaint and open. People liked to do all sorts of interesting rituals sometimes involving psychedelics or interesting tantric meditation sessions, or both at the same time. The point was, that this was an open space, which was perfect for making me feel comfortable with myself and my shenanigans.


The day I got there was overcast and still. It seemed like the nature created an ambiance for me and my healing session. I got there and the owner greeted me warmly with a robe and some amazonian tea. I went into the shower and scrubbed my hair with the nice tea tree oil shampoo that they provided. I remember having a thought that the tingly feeling would be one of the last things that I felt for a while. So what makes you be able to feel nothing is that the water is at the temperature of your skin. It’s salt content is heavier than your body so you float. Otherwise everything else is black and quiet.


I was calm and freaking out at the same time. At first I became aware of every thought and sound that I heard from my body and the water. It was very overwhelming almost as if I was standing in a crown full of people and hearing everything that everyone was saying and doing. Eventually, I got used to it and my mind quieted down and went to some really strange places. I don’t think I got so much healing done, I’m not even sure if I was conscious the whole time, but the experience was one of the most incredible that I’ve had.

I hope I’ve inspired you to break routine and dive into fear.

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There is no doubt that being born blonde lends you a slight advantage over the competition. What can I say, it seems people are more prone to be attracted to blondes. I am no statistician but this is just what I have seen in my life as a blonde. It isn’t all fun and games though. We have hair problems that need fixing like everyone else! We need to deal with unwanted attention and also the dreaded brassy hair. The way to combat brassy hair is by using purple shampoo.

What is purple shampoo?

blonde-hair-problemsPurple shampoo is simply what it sounds like, it is shampoo that is dyed purple. Why purple? The reason purple is used is because purple is the opposite of yellow. In this case we equate yellow with blonde. Therefore when purple is applied to brassy blonde hair it can cool the harsh color. There are many companies on the market who make their own version of purple shampoo, each with their own unique take on the idea. The shampoo is manufactured by adding purple dye to the base shampoo. The amount of dye you add will affect the hue of purple produced. The overall darkness or saturation of purple will assist your hair in different ways. The beautiful thing about purple shampoo is that you can make it yourself if you would be motivated to do so.

I have used various shampoos with varying degrees of success. My hair is a lighter blonde so the brassiness is subtle. When I’ve used darker shampoos they have almost worked too well almost turning my hair a purplish tinge. It is definitely a unique look and one I wouldn’t mind wearing but it wasn’t what I was looking for. The brighter purple shampoos worked great too but I sometimes find that I need to wash my hair a couple of times to get the desired results.

How to use purple shampoo

purple-shampoo-cureI have spoken about how purple shampoo works but how do you use it? Should you treat it like a regular shampoo? Utilizing purple shampoo is super easy and works a bit different than normal shampoo. First off you don’t want to use too much. Secondly you have to leave it in for a couple of minutes before washing it out. If you leave it in for too long you can stain your hair which like I mentioned earlier will leave your hair slightly purple. If that’s what you are looking for then you are in luck! For the rest of us it is best to be careful with how long you keep it in. Another thing to consider is the amount of times you use the shampoo. Purple shampoo should not be used every day. Once or twice a week should help to cool those harsh tones. Obviously every persons’ hair is different so you’ll need to experiment.

Best Purple Shampoos

There are numerous purple shampoos on the market and each one does a great job in their own way.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde is a great bottle. The web page says that it is formulated for highlighted blonde hair but it works great with my un-highlighted hair.  The nice thing about this shampoo is that it actually protects your hair from brassy. They have infused this shampoo with technology that deflects the UV rays that can cause brassiness. Science and hair in perfect harmony. For moderate brassy tones this shampoo is for you! This is an overall great bottle of shampoo with a price that won’t break the bank.

Clairol Shimmer Lights is one of the more popular bottles of purple shampoo. Shimmer lights is by far the darkest purple shampoo I have tried so it works best with light blonde hair. The shampoo is fairly thick so you have to be careful when rinsing it out to make sure none of it is left over in your locks. Because it is such a powerful formula you will see results after the first application making this shampoo the best for the price. This is also a great shampoo if you are trying to get that slightly purple tone. Once again this is one of the top purple shampoos on the market so you should give it a try!

Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo is another wonderful bottle of shampoo. It is also  one of the more reasonably priced bottles. It has a higher level of violet dye making it ideal for highlighted or even gray hair. Some people use it each time they shampoo but it really is dependent on the user. The beautiful thing is that it not only works to tame and cool brassy tones it also helps protect the color you already have. This will leave you with hair that looks amazing, longer! Joico color endure needs to be added to wet hair and left there for a couple of minutes. The website suggests you use their Joico color endure violet conditioner and there is no doubt you will have the best results if you do. There is a reason they suggest it.  Depending on the intensity of brassiness you encounter you should only use this shampoo a handful of times a week, if that. Obviously everyone’s hair is different and will require tweaks here and there but bottom line this is a great buy that is sure to get the job done! Maple Holistics has a wonderful purple shampoo article that I found helpful.

Purple shampoo is truly a amazing beauty product that uses science to combat an issue most of us blonde hair humans face. The same science can be applied to other colored hair. For instance green shampoo can be used for red hair. It works the very same way. Also it should be noted that even if you aren’t a natural blonde the shampoo can work for you. The shampoo doesn’t know that you weren’t born with that beautiful blonde hair.

All that I have written is for people looking to get rid of brassiness but if you want to experiment with the purple shampoo and see how it can change your hair be my guest! Share what you find with me here at I am also curious to see how different beauty products can be used differently to achieve other results besides their expected ones.

The English Language


English has a proud history. It has been around for more than 2000 years, and it has gone through so many transformations. The English which we speak nowadays is nothing like the more ancient forms of English which were spoken over the years. Modern English, which is used these days, is the descendent of earlier versions, known as Old English and Middle English. However, it is very much removed from them, really, and in some cases it has only little connection other than the Latin letters which it uses.

Those former languages are incredibly different versions of each other, but they retain the name of English, nevertheless. Pretty amazing really, considering that if a modern English speaker attempted to read almost anything in Old English or Middle English, they would not be able to. Perhaps a linguistics major would be able to decipher it, but certainly not your average Joe.7347812_orig

Over the centuries, the use of consonants and vowels has taken on different shapes. You could read so many words differently. Combine this with the fact that Old English itself is the result of several invasions conducted by outsiders against Britannia, and well – you got a big mess. For this reason, English had undergone major changes, such as the Great Vowel Shift of 1350 – 1600 CE, which took place in England, and completely transformed everything.

These shifts have positive and negative effects. On the one hand, they helped to standardize and unify the language, and on the other hand, it solidified certain English language traits and characteristics which are so ingrained in the language, that we have trouble with them even now, in these postmodern times. These traits have taken root, and they will not be removed easily. Language is always evolving, though, and it is a slow process This explains why there are so many anomalies, silent letters, superfluous letters, etc. in English. It is a tough language to learn, and maybe an even tougher one to read and write in. So many languages had contributed to English over the years, that making sense of it all is a difficult and rigorous task, indeed.

I wouldn’t bother trying to make sense of it, though. Just take things as they are. Maybe one day, a newer version of English will take the place of this one which we use, but until then, it is still an internationally-spoken language, and being skilled in it (speaking, reading, and writing) is a valuable asset.

The English language is one which many want to be skilled at, but with all of the various rules of grammar and syntax, it can be an almost impossible task. This may clarify why so many people are using writing-enhancement software, like Gramamrly or WhiteSmoke as reviewed on Edumuch. It is a difficult language to learn, and we all need any help we can get. Learning a language involves a lot of reading and writing, as well as conversing. Honestly? We don’t all have the time to invest in it. It is as simple as that. However, for those who do, they will find that knowing English and its intricacies is a rewarding thing.

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What Does It Mean To Live A More Natural Life?


So, what does it mean to live a more natural life?

Ask any random person on the street, and they will tell you that one of the most important things in life, if not the most important thing, is health. As Count Rugen famously said in The Princess Bride: “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.” Ask any random person on the street, and chances are they will all provide different answers as to what exactly constitutes healthy living, and how to achieve it. Different people have all kinds of opinions on natural, healthy living. This is my own.

In ancient times, there was a saying. One which continues to echo through the generations: “let thy food by thy medicine”. I could not agree more. But this post isn’t really about food. I am about to persuade you go on some crazy diet or to give up red meat. What I do want to do, is to ask you to stop for a moment and think about plants.

Plants have given us so much over time. The plant world has always been a tried and true source of shelter, food, clothing, life, and beauty. So, I would like to take that saying a step further, and say that you should let not only your food by your medicine, but all plant life. I am talking about living more naturally. That is what this post is about, and there is a way to achieve it.plant-based-benefits

I am not telling you to sell all of your possessions and move to a nearby forest. Don’t get me wrong – I am all for living naturally, and that would be pretty cool. But, what I am talking is modern natural living. There is a way to pull it off. It starts with yourself, your decisions, and your body. Or rather, the way you take care of your body.

It seems that people are caring less and less about what it is they are putting into their bodies. This is evident from the overwhelming amount of crap that is being produced, manufactured, distributed, and sold to millions every day. Again, I am not talking about food, although there is no denying that is a pretty big part of the whole thing.

I wouldn’t ask a random person to quit it all and go strictly vegetarian. But what about natural shampoo? Or conditioner? Or soap? Or moisturizer? Or deodorant? Which you can check out at Maple Holistics. This list goes on and on. Guess what are in most commercially available, widely-distributed cosmetics… normally, some natural elements, perhaps. And lots and lots of chemicals.

Now, I don’t care what the government says. I don’t care what the FDA approves or disapproves of, no matter how stringent their methods and regulations supposedly are. The mere fact that they allow companies to put all kinds of things in their products, and then just slap the word “fragrance” on the label – that alone is reason for major concern.

They have tons of people fooled, but not for long. People are looking for more natural ways to live. And they will find it, whether the big companies want it or not.

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Why I Do “No Poo”

What you wash your hair with is important. I used to have a bad case of dandruff. I went to a skin doctor, who prescribed something which did get rid of some of the dandruff, but left my scalp a disaster in other ways. It got irritated, and I stopped using that stuff almost immediately.

That was when I discovered the No Poo method, and began treating my hair and scalp right, for the first time since infancy, probably. At first I washed only with water, for a couple of weeks. Then, I added baking soda and apple cider vinegar to the mix, and some essential oils (argan, tea tree, jojoba). The results have been pretty poo

If I ever do back to buying a shampoo and conditioner, and I may, it will be only ones which contain oils and natural ingredients. And I mean actually natural, not ‘marketing’ natural. That means no preservatives, no detergents, no fragrances, and no lathering agents. Well, there may be some wiggle room on lathering agents. I do enjoy and miss that soapy feeling when I put the product in my hair.

The chances of an everyday, run-of-the-mill hair care product fitting that bill are slim. Unless, of course, you shop in a health store. There are many stores and companies online as well that offer great all-natural shampoo and conditioners one I have my eye on is Maple Holistics.  I enjoy my No Poo, but some of those natural hair products look great, and they usually don’t cost too much. You can gain a lot when you treat your hair and scalp right. 

Take me for example. Within a few weeks, my dandruff was long gone. It was those products and my inability to read my body’s language that caused the scalp to dry out, itch, flake, and utterly annoy me. After a few weeks with water, the scalp got back on its feet (that’s a funny image!), and my head’s oil production and distribution zeroed itself and went back to normal.

As it turns out, all I needed was to let nature take its course. The baking soda and apple cider are being used by me as a preventive measure. I haven’t had dandruff in a long while, and I plan to keep it that way, thank you very much!no mo dandruff

Fixing Your Hair Problems

There are probably a gazillion products out there, all dedicated to fixing damaged hair, revitalizing hair, and reconditioning it. There are millions of people complaining about the health of their hair, and those products are seemingly there to help it out. But are they really helping?

The truth is this: those products may do the trick, but for a limited time. Many times, hair products offer a quick fix, and do not care for the root cause of whatever issue the hair or scalp is having.

Washing Is Key!

washing hair 2Washing your hair is key, and so the question is asked – what do I use to wash, and how often do I wash my hair? Well, as for what should you use, it is a personal matter. It makes no difference what the cosmetics companies says, there is no real “one size fits all” hair care solution. The only ingredient that falls under that category is water.

Even when it comes to natural products, some have oils which may not fit certain types of hair. It is such a personal thing, hair care, yet people don’t treat it that way sometimes. They go for whatever is convenient, and sometimes they mess with their original scalp settings.

sebumAs for how often you should wash your hair, the answer is most likely up to twice a week, and no more. The idea behind that number is to give the scalp a chance to produce some of its own oil, called sebum, in the days between washings. This oil helps the hair and scalp remain healthy, and any prolonged outside interference could cause the scalp to stop sebum production. Washing once or twice a week – with an appropriate product! – is usually enough for most people. Some people wash only once every 10 days, and some use homemade ‘no poo’ methods, and also give the hair a thorough cleaning – with baking soda and apple cider vinegar – once a month.

Hair maintenance is an individual thing, and the amount of times you wash a week could also change with your body. If you are sick, or stressed, or on your monthly cycle – the body will notice these changes and adjust itself. Make sure to listen to your body. It is the best way of knowing when to wash, long before the scalp begins to dry out. Nobody likes to have lifeless, damaged, split-ended, breakage-prone hair. Make sure to take care of yourself, and figure out what works best for you. Remember to stop by again for more great blogs!