Fixing Your Hair Problems

There are probably a gazillion products out there, all dedicated to fixing damaged hair, revitalizing hair, and reconditioning it. There are millions of people complaining about the health of their hair, and those products are seemingly there to help it out. But are they really helping?

The truth is this: those products may do the trick, but for a limited time. Many times, hair products offer a quick fix, and do not care for the root cause of whatever issue the hair or scalp is having.

Washing Is Key!

washing hair 2Washing your hair is key, and so the question is asked – what do I use to wash, and how often do I wash my hair? Well, as for what should you use, it is a personal matter. It makes no difference what the cosmetics companies says, there is no real “one size fits all” hair care solution. The only ingredient that falls under that category is water.

Even when it comes to natural products, some have oils which may not fit certain types of hair. It is such a personal thing, hair care, yet people don’t treat it that way sometimes. They go for whatever is convenient, and sometimes they mess with their original scalp settings.

sebumAs for how often you should wash your hair, the answer is most likely up to twice a week, and no more. The idea behind that number is to give the scalp a chance to produce some of its own oil, called sebum, in the days between washings. This oil helps the hair and scalp remain healthy, and any prolonged outside interference could cause the scalp to stop sebum production. Washing once or twice a week – with an appropriate product! – is usually enough for most people. Some people wash only once every 10 days, and some use homemade ‘no poo’ methods, and also give the hair a thorough cleaning – with baking soda and apple cider vinegar – once a month.

Hair maintenance is an individual thing, and the amount of times you wash a week could also change with your body. If you are sick, or stressed, or on your monthly cycle – the body will notice these changes and adjust itself. Make sure to listen to your body. It is the best way of knowing when to wash, long before the scalp begins to dry out. Nobody likes to have lifeless, damaged, split-ended, breakage-prone hair. Make sure to take care of yourself, and figure out what works best for you. Remember to stop by again for more great blogs!

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