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The English Language


English has a proud history. It has been around for more than 2000 years, and it has gone through so many transformations. The English which we speak nowadays is nothing like the more ancient forms of English which were spoken over the years. Modern English, which is used these days, is the descendent of earlier versions, known as Old English and Middle English. However, it is very much removed from them, really, and in some cases it has only little connection other than the Latin letters which it uses.

Those former languages are incredibly different versions of each other, but they retain the name of English, nevertheless. Pretty amazing really, considering that if a modern English speaker attempted to read almost anything in Old English or Middle English, they would not be able to. Perhaps a linguistics major would be able to decipher it, but certainly not your average Joe.7347812_orig

Over the centuries, the use of consonants and vowels has taken on different shapes. You could read so many words differently. Combine this with the fact that Old English itself is the result of several invasions conducted by outsiders against Britannia, and well – you got a big mess. For this reason, English had undergone major changes, such as the Great Vowel Shift of 1350 – 1600 CE, which took place in England, and completely transformed everything.

These shifts have positive and negative effects. On the one hand, they helped to standardize and unify the language, and on the other hand, it solidified certain English language traits and characteristics which are so ingrained in the language, that we have trouble with them even now, in these postmodern times. These traits have taken root, and they will not be removed easily. Language is always evolving, though, and it is a slow process This explains why there are so many anomalies, silent letters, superfluous letters, etc. in English. It is a tough language to learn, and maybe an even tougher one to read and write in. So many languages had contributed to English over the years, that making sense of it all is a difficult and rigorous task, indeed.

I wouldn’t bother trying to make sense of it, though. Just take things as they are. Maybe one day, a newer version of English will take the place of this one which we use, but until then, it is still an internationally-spoken language, and being skilled in it (speaking, reading, and writing) is a valuable asset.

The English language is one which many want to be skilled at, but with all of the various rules of grammar and syntax, it can be an almost impossible task. This may clarify why so many people are using writing-enhancement software, like Gramamrly or WhiteSmoke as reviewed on Edumuch. It is a difficult language to learn, and we all need any help we can get. Learning a language involves a lot of reading and writing, as well as conversing. Honestly? We don’t all have the time to invest in it. It is as simple as that. However, for those who do, they will find that knowing English and its intricacies is a rewarding thing.

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Getting Into Grammar

GrammarAs I said in my first article (which you can find here ) I am into self education and self development. One aspect that i find important is grammar. I am an amateur writer and speller. Grammar is not my strong suit but I still keep on trucking. Writing can be a great way to work on your grammar and work on being creative getting out your ideas on paper using nouns and verbs. If I had a choice I’d choose verbs over nouns because they actually do things and nouns are just there but I guess at the end of the day grammar needs both nouns and verbs sometimes you can add an adjective pro-noun, pro-verb and such. I enjoy hip hop music and they have great control over grammar and word play. They use metaphors and similes and things of that nature. Nouns are things like trees and shoes and dogs. Verbs are actions, movement like running and talking and playing when you put a noun together with a verb you can create sentences. After you create multiple sentences you end up with a paragraph which is a collection of sentences. After you have a couple hundred paragraphs you have yourself a story or an article. The kind of story or article which people enjoy the most is one that has proper grammar and interesting words. If you get stuck with what words to use or if you’re using the same word over and over again you can use a thesaurus to find other words that mean the same thing as the word you are over using. They can be nouns and they can be verbs.thesaruas

A thesaurus is a book filled with alternative words for instance if you have been using the word angry too much you can open a thesaurus and see that you could possible replace the word angry with upset or irritated. But it’s always important to place commas and periods and proper punctuation in order for the story or article to flow. You learn proper grammar in school you lose proper grammar on the streets. On the street people still used the same nouns and verbs but they may not be used grammatically correct. But as long as you’re conveying what you’re trying to say it doesn’t really matter that much. Nevertheless I’d say that if you don’t use proper grammar on school papers or at job interviews you probably what be successful but that’s just my opinion which I believe us a noun. Most people are active and when they are they will probably use a verb to describe what they are doing for instance “I am running” “I am fishing” but that is another story for another day. Grammar is different in different languages so you may be confused when learning new languages but if you are successful in getting that grammar correct people will be impressed which I am not sure if that’s a noun or not. What can you do but try and so I do. Grammatically I’m possibly the best verbally and noun – chalant yes those are puns which can also use grammar. Sometimes there are people who are always correcting people when they don’t use proper grammar. I sometimes like those people other times I don’t. It really depends on my mood. To end there are many great educational websites that you can visit to learn more about grammar and home education. One of my favorites is They have many articles that i found helpful.

An Online Education

An edcuation at your finger tipsBefore the internet the only way to educate yourself was to go to school or for your parents to hire a tutor who would come over your house and educate you on all sorts of topics. If you wanted a college degree you had to enroll in a university and go every day to class and get educated. Now we have the internet and have introduced what we call online education which has revolutionized how we learn. Information is at our fingertips and so our college degrees. No longer do we need to go to an actual class. Now you can educate yourself in the comfort of your own home. There are many online colleges that you never have to leave your house to go to class. Education has never been more accessible it’s almost at the point where there is no excuse for ignorance but online education has its negative points. Some people learn a lot better when actually sitting in front of a teacher who can explain things in details when you educate yourself at home you have no teacher to explain things in full detail but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a teacher present it just means you have to use other ways to get the answers you need for your education to be worthwhile but online education can allow you to be informed and educated.

Wikipedia is a website where people write about topics and the online community can edit and correct the information. Ask any kid nowadays if they know what Wikipedia is and odds are they know what it is. You can go on YouTube to educate yourself. You can learn how to build a chair you can learn how to build a cheap room heater. Self-education is also important and can also be done online but you won’t get a degree but sometimes it’s not about the degree it can just be about what you know so educating yourself is important plus people in general don’t like dumb people. They can be fun but conversations can only Learn Guitar at homego so far so that’s why it’s a great Idea to have an hour a day to go online and educate yourself. Watch a YouTube video on astrophysics. Read an article on evolution. Online education has revolutionized our world and has revolutionized how we learn and how we educate future generations. Odds are we will find ourselves in a time where we will all be educated online but connected to students from all over the world. Globalization is amazing it’s also not amazing. Just because information is at our fingertips doesn’t mean people take advantage of that. People are lazy, hell I am lazy and I waste time on the internet watching cat videos but hey everybody has their thing.  I like to educate myself with music lessons online. For example you can take drum lessons online you can take guitar lessons online you can educate yourself on almost anything. To end when I think of online education I think yes.

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