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Psychologists and Teen Mom

I think it’s vital for psychologists or counselors to videotape their sessions only during their training. While I think many psychologists will agree that the method is effective in terms of allowing you to grow as a psychologist by analyzing your sessions, I think that it should not be allowed in the real world unless you have the patients consent. The reason for this is bad parents1that it may affect the privacy of your sessions as well as your reputation as a psychologist. If your patients don’t trust you, there’s a good chance that they’ll stop using your services. I’ve tried the technique before with a patient who was suffering from serious depression and used my recordings to show them how much they improved over the course of our meetings. So there’s no doubt that the technique can work, just be sure you’re able to keep those recording safe as they’ll contain a person’s most intimate and private thoughts, feelings and confessions – something no one would want to have made public. When it comes to the Teen Mom show, I think that detailing the kind of issues that young parents tend to go through when it comes to teen pregnancies really helps others who might be experiencing similar issues and allow them to come to terms with their situation.

I think show also subtly helps to remind young people that falling pregnant is a serious thing and should never be taken lightly. It might help them avoid the situation altogether, or at least prepare them for what’s in store if it does happen to them. I think Teen Mom stands apart from other shows in this genre in that it helps to bring parents and children together and focuses on strengthening family bonds during and after a pregnancy, emphasizing the fact that when your child becomes a parent, everyone in the immediate family sort of becomes a surrogate parent as well – it rarely only affects the young couple. I like the idea that Teen Mom tries to enforce the idea that you can’t do this alone and that bad parentsfinding support is the most important thing you can do for both yourselves as young parents and your newborn child.

I actually think that this is relevant not only for teen parents  but for any parents. It’s a daunting task bringing a new child home and we can’t guarantee that we know everything that we have to do. When it comes to getting help from your parents the hope is that they’ve done a pretty good job raising you and so at least have some sort of idea of what it is that you’re getting yourself into. Getting help from them can be a great way to ease you into the parenting process no matter how old you are. It does help if you get along with your parents though otherwise the whole situation can cause more drama than it’s worth.

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