An Online Education

An edcuation at your finger tipsBefore the internet the only way to educate yourself was to go to school or for your parents to hire a tutor who would come over your house and educate you on all sorts of topics. If you wanted a college degree you had to enroll in a university and go every day to class and get educated. Now we have the internet and have introduced what we call online education which has revolutionized how we learn. Information is at our fingertips and so our college degrees. No longer do we need to go to an actual class. Now you can educate yourself in the comfort of your own home. There are many online colleges that you never have to leave your house to go to class. Education has never been more accessible it’s almost at the point where there is no excuse for ignorance but online education has its negative points. Some people learn a lot better when actually sitting in front of a teacher who can explain things in details when you educate yourself at home you have no teacher to explain things in full detail but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a teacher present it just means you have to use other ways to get the answers you need for your education to be worthwhile but online education can allow you to be informed and educated.

Wikipedia is a website where people write about topics and the online community can edit and correct the information. Ask any kid nowadays if they know what Wikipedia is and odds are they know what it is. You can go on YouTube to educate yourself. You can learn how to build a chair you can learn how to build a cheap room heater. Self-education is also important and can also be done online but you won’t get a degree but sometimes it’s not about the degree it can just be about what you know so educating yourself is important plus people in general don’t like dumb people. They can be fun but conversations can only Learn Guitar at homego so far so that’s why it’s a great Idea to have an hour a day to go online and educate yourself. Watch a YouTube video on astrophysics. Read an article on evolution. Online education has revolutionized our world and has revolutionized how we learn and how we educate future generations. Odds are we will find ourselves in a time where we will all be educated online but connected to students from all over the world. Globalization is amazing it’s also not amazing. Just because information is at our fingertips doesn’t mean people take advantage of that. People are lazy, hell I am lazy and I waste time on the internet watching cat videos but hey everybody has their thing.  I like to educate myself with music lessons online. For example you can take drum lessons online you can take guitar lessons online you can educate yourself on almost anything. To end when I think of online education I think yes.

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