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There is no doubt that being born blonde lends you a slight advantage over the competition. What can I say, it seems people are more prone to be attracted to blondes. I am no statistician but this is just what I have seen in my life as a blonde. It isn’t all fun and games though. We have hair problems that need fixing like everyone else! We need to deal with unwanted attention and also the dreaded brassy hair. The way to combat brassy hair is by using purple shampoo.

What is purple shampoo?

blonde-hair-problemsPurple shampoo is simply what it sounds like, it is shampoo that is dyed purple. Why purple? The reason purple is used is because purple is the opposite of yellow. In this case we equate yellow with blonde. Therefore when purple is applied to brassy blonde hair it can cool the harsh color. There are many companies on the market who make their own version of purple shampoo, each with their own unique take on the idea. The shampoo is manufactured by adding purple dye to the base shampoo. The amount of dye you add will affect the hue of purple produced. The overall darkness or saturation of purple will assist your hair in different ways. The beautiful thing about purple shampoo is that you can make it yourself if you would be motivated to do so.

I have used various shampoos with varying degrees of success. My hair is a lighter blonde so the brassiness is subtle. When I’ve used darker shampoos they have almost worked too well almost turning my hair a purplish tinge. It is definitely a unique look and one I wouldn’t mind wearing but it wasn’t what I was looking for. The brighter purple shampoos worked great too but I sometimes find that I need to wash my hair a couple of times to get the desired results.

How to use purple shampoo

purple-shampoo-cureI have spoken about how purple shampoo works but how do you use it? Should you treat it like a regular shampoo? Utilizing purple shampoo is super easy and works a bit different than normal shampoo. First off you don’t want to use too much. Secondly you have to leave it in for a couple of minutes before washing it out. If you leave it in for too long you can stain your hair which like I mentioned earlier will leave your hair slightly purple. If that’s what you are looking for then you are in luck! For the rest of us it is best to be careful with how long you keep it in. Another thing to consider is the amount of times you use the shampoo. Purple shampoo should not be used every day. Once or twice a week should help to cool those harsh tones. Obviously every persons’ hair is different so you’ll need to experiment.

Best Purple Shampoos

There are numerous purple shampoos on the market and each one does a great job in their own way.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde is a great bottle. The web page says that it is formulated for highlighted blonde hair but it works great with my un-highlighted hair.  The nice thing about this shampoo is that it actually protects your hair from brassy. They have infused this shampoo with technology that deflects the UV rays that can cause brassiness. Science and hair in perfect harmony. For moderate brassy tones this shampoo is for you! This is an overall great bottle of shampoo with a price that won’t break the bank.

Clairol Shimmer Lights is one of the more popular bottles of purple shampoo. Shimmer lights is by far the darkest purple shampoo I have tried so it works best with light blonde hair. The shampoo is fairly thick so you have to be careful when rinsing it out to make sure none of it is left over in your locks. Because it is such a powerful formula you will see results after the first application making this shampoo the best for the price. This is also a great shampoo if you are trying to get that slightly purple tone. Once again this is one of the top purple shampoos on the market so you should give it a try!

Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo is another wonderful bottle of shampoo. It is also  one of the more reasonably priced bottles. It has a higher level of violet dye making it ideal for highlighted or even gray hair. Some people use it each time they shampoo but it really is dependent on the user. The beautiful thing is that it not only works to tame and cool brassy tones it also helps protect the color you already have. This will leave you with hair that looks amazing, longer! Joico color endure needs to be added to wet hair and left there for a couple of minutes. The website suggests you use their Joico color endure violet conditioner and there is no doubt you will have the best results if you do. There is a reason they suggest it.  Depending on the intensity of brassiness you encounter you should only use this shampoo a handful of times a week, if that. Obviously everyone’s hair is different and will require tweaks here and there but bottom line this is a great buy that is sure to get the job done! Maple Holistics has a wonderful purple shampoo article that I found helpful.

Purple shampoo is truly a amazing beauty product that uses science to combat an issue most of us blonde hair humans face. The same science can be applied to other colored hair. For instance green shampoo can be used for red hair. It works the very same way. Also it should be noted that even if you aren’t a natural blonde the shampoo can work for you. The shampoo doesn’t know that you weren’t born with that beautiful blonde hair.

All that I have written is for people looking to get rid of brassiness but if you want to experiment with the purple shampoo and see how it can change your hair be my guest! Share what you find with me here at numberhopper.com. I am also curious to see how different beauty products can be used differently to achieve other results besides their expected ones.